Where are you?

When I met you, I had no intention When I wanted you, it was thrilling When I had you, it was all for fun When I no longer wanted, you needed When you no longer wanted, I needed When you had me, it was for the moment When you wanted me, you had to have … More Where are you?

It’s Too Late

I did not want anything from you I did not expect anything from you Your words were my words Your interests my interests Your move, my move We did not expect much Neither did we expect less We did not owe each other anything But we had to share this amazing feeling We felt for … More It’s Too Late

I shouldn’t

I shouldn’t I know I shouldn’t A part of me knew I shouldn’t Cross the road All the way To cover the space To see that face Which shortens my breath That once made my heart skip a beat That once made my heart fill with joy With peace But no I shouldn’t I know … More I shouldn’t

I remember

I remember what you said to me When you said What you said What you meant And I understood what you said Understood what you meant But I did not understand if you meant it Because I had meant what I said Said what I meant Felt what I meant To make you understand To … More I remember

Our story  

I just had an idea I just had one too Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I’m thinking it too I think we should make her like this She would be cool like that She could have superhuman powers Or dream of having them at night She meets him like this She meets him like … More Our story